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Witness Preparation

We transform your clients into great witnesses.

Focus Groups & Mock Trials


Community Attitude Survey

Discover community biases and opinions.

Demonstrative Evidence

Effective presentations.

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Jury Selection

Who is your audience?

Case Strategy

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“I believe in what Rick does so much I let him go behind the scenes with me and I put his story in my book.”


“Over the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with Rick on several cases. His ingenuity in simplifying arguments and finding new ways to persuasively present evidence are complimented nicely by his refining touch. he is an invaluable member of any litigation team.”

The Law Office of Matthew J. Mussalli, PC

“We used Rick and his team on a complex commercial matter where key evidence needed to be evaluated quickly and efficiently. Rick and his team did an excellent job that was cost effective and provided an excellent road map for trial. Rick’s flexible and team oriented approach was far better than other organizations who I have worked with in the past.”

Bracewell, LLP

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