Loralee Dyers, BA, MA

Research Professional
email:  loralee@rickmgoldberg.com

Loralee Dyers holds a BA in psychology from University of Southern California and master’s degree in forensic psychology. She is a litigation consultant, researcher, and strategic analyst with over a decade of experience designing and conducting research. Loralee Dyers has extensive experience analyzing juror decision making and has studied individual and group decision making as well as jury dynamics for several years. Loralee is especially skilled at questionnaire development and specializes in both qualitative and quantitative analysis of juror decision making. She has proven ability to develop thematic and strategic recommendations and storylines, and also assists with developing strategic recommendations for demonstratives for trial. Her experience includes consulting on a number of high profile cases including personal injury, breach of contract, anti-trust, securities, product liability, criminal, intellectual property, and toxic tort cases. Loralee also specializes in social media review and analysis.


  • “Don’t Be Fooled! What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Jurors’ Use of Social Media During Trial,” 2012.
  • “What You Need to Know About the America Invents Act: The Quick and Dirty on the Patent Reform Bill,” 2011.
  • “Fear and Loathing on the Witness Stand,” with William J. Healy, ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference: Complex Cases from Mars v. Jurors from Pluto: How to Improve Communication, 2007.


  • “Victim impact evidence and the capital jury: How does victim character and vividness of the victim impact testimony affect capital jurors’ decision-making?” with C. Studebaker & R. Wiener, 2005. Paper presentation at the American Psychology-Law Society Conference.
  • “Sexual harassment judgments among workers in traditional and untraditional jobs,” with E.M. Maeder, R.L. Wiener, & S. Nichols, 2005. Paper presentation at the American Psychology-Law Society Conference.
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